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Vintage Car (Aston Martin)


As with most vintage cars, over time these motors are susceptible to corrosion and deterioration of the panels, chassis and engine, along with other parts. Sandblasting is a highly effective way of removing rust from any vehicle body or parts and restoring the surface area to its former glory! This client, a former Formula 1 driver, reached out to the Pure Blast team to as they wanted to restore their Aston Martin classic.

Aston Martin classic restoration


After a consultation to assess the condition of the car we recommended dry blasting the exterior and interior of the shell and panels with a fine glass media, using a feathered process at a 30-degree angle. This is our preferred method over soda blasting as we find it to be more effective. Even though the aluminium body of the vehicle was soft, the system used is extremely precise as we can regulate the pressure and flow. This created the perfect surface for painting with no damage or warping to the vehicle. After this process, the treated vehicle requires priming and painting within 72 hours (depending on how the vehicle is stored). In our opinion, dry media blasting is far superior in terms of cost, time and results achieved. Other treatments, such as acid dipping, can provide variable results due to the potential for residual acid to leak out from the seams after the vehicle has been painted.


It’s fair to say the customer was extremely pleased with the outcome of the blasting treatment. The vehicle was now primed and ready for the next stage of its restoration journey. This was a very satisfying project for the Pure Blast team. As well as treating classic cars this process is also ideal for general upkeep and rust/paint removal of any vehicle (lorries, vans, trucks, horse boxes, tractors, trailers).


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