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Fire Damage


Commercial and residential property owners can face serious problems after a fire. A lot of damage is caused by the blaze itself, to structures like walls and ceilings. There’s also soot damage on surfaces which can create secondary health complications. If not quickly addressed, this corrosion may limit the success rate of restoration. This client reached out to Pure Blast team after a caravan was set ablaze outside their property which caused extensive blistering and charring of the exterior paint.

fire damage


We informed the client the best course of action for this repair would be to treat the surface with a fine glass media. If the damage had been on the inside of the property soda can be used as the media to neutralise odours along with removing any surface damage. This job was completed in one day including clear up of the wasted material used. Going through a fire damage situation can be extremely stressful for any individual, especially having to deal with the aftermath.


As we were able to get in early it was possible to restore the property exterior to its previous condition. We are very pleased to say that the client was over the moon with the final result. Fire restoration projects are very satisfying for the Pure Blast team due to the transformation that is achieved.


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