Timber & Beam Restoration

Timber and Beam Restoration to Strengthen and Refresh Your Structure

We specialize in beam cleaning and stripping of any timber surfaces regardless of the condition it’s in. Using our sandblasting equipment, we transform them to their full potential leaving them not only fresher but brighter. This will in turn reveal the attractive grain and charisma of your wooden structure.

Our beam cleaning and stripping will remove old paint, stains, marks, and more from new and old timbers. We use a nonabrasive and affordable blast media such as finely crushed glass which is safe, accurate, and approved methods for timber beam restoration.

At Pure Blast, our professional sandblasting services will give your wood a new natural lease of life. It also provides a strong bond between the surface area of the wood and coating thanks to the increased surface adhesion. This will help your structure withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

Sandblasting on Wood

We restore your timber beams with minimal disruptions and clutter. We achieve this through a gentle, precise blasting process to achieve the desired aesthetics. Thanks to this technique, we can work on all kinds of wood – whether it’s varnished, painted, lime-washed, or damaged due to water or smoke. With minimal disruption, we can work in decorated, fully furnished, and carpeted rooms.

Renovate All Types of Wood

We work on all types of wood – from oak to mahogany, nothing is beyond our capabilities. Our full-service timber beam restoration doesn’t need any after-care. This means you don’t need to apply any expensive oils after the procedure.

Professional Beam Restoration You Can Count On

We understand that some timber beam structures are historic or hold a sentimental value. With our top-notch craftsmanship, coupled with a successful track record, we carefully and sympathetically renovate your beams using our latest blasting equipment. We restore all damaged timbers to their natural and replenished look. This ensures details like period carpentry marks and carvings are revealed.

Beam Restoration

How Much Does Timber and Beam Restoration Cost?

The cost of timber beam restoration is affected by many factors including the layer and type of coating, size of beams, ease of access, the situation at hand, and inhabitance of the structure. We strive to provide you with an affordable and satisfactory way of achieving attractive beams to improve the structural integrity of your building.

Get in Touch for Top-Notch Timber and Beam Restoration

Our skilled craftsmen care about wood – we don’t just strip your beam’s and run. We take the time to renovate them carefully and meticulously. You can trust us even with the oldest of beams. We’ll renovate it without any damage to maintain its historical value.

Don’t wait any longer for the damage to get worse. Contact Pure Blast for fast and professional timber and beam restoration across Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.


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