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Oak Board Cladding


Oak board cladding is commonly used in construction due to its durability and longevity. However, this material is subject to the elements, such as UV rays and weather conditions, which can lead to surface discolouration over time. Additionally, if the surface is not protected further damage can occur. This client reached out to the Pure Blast team to give their beautiful barn conversion a new lease of life.


After consultation with the client to understand their needs, we decided to progress with using a fine media to blast the outer surface as this is a gentle but effective way to remove discolouration. A barn conversation of this size would typically take 2 days to complete (including clearing up of waste material used) to produce the desired outcome.


As you can see from the before and after photos, all the discolouration was removed from the outer surface to reveal the new oak look. This dramatically improved the appearance and gave the whole conversion a complete uplift. The eagle-eyed will notice that this procedure was also used on the lower brick section of the property! After this process is complete the next stage would be to apply a UV water-resistant coating to offer full protection from discolouration and UV damage. There was minimal disruption throughout the whole job and both the client and Pure Blast team were extremely pleased with the final look!


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