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House exterior paint removal


Home improvements have always been popular in the UK. However, during the pandemic, the interest in revamps and renovations increased dramatically. Some older properties may have been painted multiple times over the years leading to an accumulation of paint on the exterior brick/stone/render. Along with having an unattractive look e.g., paint flaking, if the brick is not able to breathe properly, due to the style of paint used, eventually the interior may be subject to damp-related issues. Additionally, properties can also be affected by a build-up of salt, calcium, moss, grim and discolouration on the exterior. Many Pure Blast clients reach out to us and request for their properties to be stripped back to the bare substrate. Two clients, who were experiencing two different issues with the exterior brickwork on their properties, contacted the Pure Blast team for help.


Typically to treat hard surfaces, our method of choice is to dry blast the exterior using a fine glass media. However, depending on the layers of thickness and type of paint used on the exterior will influence how long the job can take to complete. Additional pre-treatment of the surface may be required, and this is determined by performing a test during the consultation process.


In both cases, the paint/build-up was very quickly and easily removed and there was no subsequent deterioration to the jointing. Generally, no further treatment to the exterior of the property is required after this treatment. Both clients, along with the Pure Blast team, were thrilled with the transformational results achieved.


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