Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration
Building before smoke and fire damage restoration

Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial and residential property owners can face serious problems after a fire. A lot of damage is caused by the blaze itself, to structures like walls and ceilings. However, there’s also soot damage on surfaces which can create secondary health complications for anyone who comes into contact with it over time (such as workers). Smoke damage can also cause problems with rebuilding, re-painting or refitting if not properly removed.

If you want to avoid corrosion of fixtures and fittings don’t let smoke residue sit in your property for too long as it can cause irreparable damage. Whilst your building might be safe to re-enter after a fire, the smoke residue and smells should not be ignored.

The importance of immediate fire damage restoration

Fire damage to a property can lead to further structural integrity problems. If not quickly addressed, this corrosion may limit the success rate of restoration and cause even more costly damage in later stages than if it had been dealt with early on. We prioritize rapid action to mitigate further damage and for successful fire-restoration.

We know how to give you great results.

It is important to consider the type of materials and structures involved when deciding how best to clean smoke damage, as well as the type of residue left behind. Natural substances produce smoke that leaves a dry, powdery residue and synthetic fires leave a black residue that is difficult to clean.

Our natural blasting process is the most effective way to remove smoke damage without using any chemicals or solvents. Our method requires less equipment and time compared with other methods, so it’s a great option for people who want quick results.

Our experts will determine the best methods and have a lot of experience in removing all kinds of residue from damaged surfaces. Get in touch now for a free quote!


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