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Oak beams


Oak beams are a common feature in many residential properties due to their structural and aesthetic appeal. Quite often these beams end up being coated in layers of whitewash paint, thick jet-black paint or varnish. They can also suffer the effects of discolouration due to a build-up of dirt and grim. This client reached out to the Pure Blast team as they wanted to restore their oak beams to their natural appearance.


We blasted the client’s beams with an abrasive media to remove the build-up of paint and restore the beams to their original state. Not only does this process keep the fabric of the timber safe but there was minimal disruption for the client from start to finish. This is due to how efficient the blasting process is and the amount of surface area that can be covered in one day.


Restoring beams can often reveal the true character and authenticity of the wood. An additional benefit to treating the beams is that no further action/coating is required to preserve them in their natural state unless desired. Here at Pure Blast, we take great pride in restoring oak beams and transforming people’s homes by adding more character, light and spaciousness to any room.


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