Lockdown has sparked immense interest in home improvements across the country with wellover 1 in 3 households renovating their homes. Are you also looking to give your home a lockdown makeover? Why not focus on making theexterior of your house beautiful as well as the interior. Here are 3 ways in which sandblasting a house can improve the exterior of your home.

  • Sand blasting is a cost effective way of stripping your painted house to its original brickform. By removing all the pestilence and paint off the surface this creates a clean statefor any paint work or building renovations. The surface is stripped therefore allowing anycoatings to adhere better to the brick work. This technique uses a recycled crushedglass medium.
  • Not only is sand blasting cost effective however it is also eco friendly, with growingenvironmental issues we take pride in the fact PureBlast glass is a recycled medium.This allows your house refurbishing to be efficient, effective and sustainable!
  • The technique is also time efficient meaning the work being done to your house will becompleted in a short period of time. This allows fast results meaning any renovations orpaint work can commence immediately after getting sandblasted.
Before Sandblasting a House with old paint
house sandblasted back to original brick work

Day in the life of sandblasting a house

With a 5:30am start our team headed out to yet another day of making our customers happy,this house out in Swindon had a complete makeover all in the space of one days work!

When we arrived at the job there was no need for assistance from the customer, we mask up the windows and lay down ground sheets to ensure there is minimal mess and no damage to anyother areas of the house. Water and electrical supplies are not required therefore meaning the home owner does not even have to be in the building. As we begin to sandblast there should be no interference to the customers day to day life however, due to the efficiency of our methods any noise or space interferences will be short lived.

Once the building has been completed we commence in cleaning of the area around us. This involves brushing up the area and hosing down if there is water access on the property. The customers on this house were incredibly pleased with the results stating the house hasnever looked better!.

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